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Friday, 12 June 2020

Alzheimer's disease - Symptoms and causes - Health tips fit

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Alzheimer disease
Latin word Alzheimer commonly known as Alzheimer's disease, Alzheimer disease, is a Neuro degenerative disease with a slow progression which causes 60 to 70 percents dementia. The most common symptoms are loss of short term memory .symptoms may gradually appear including language disorders emotional instability loss of motivation. And gradually lose their physical functions and then Death Occur.
 Believed that nearly 80 percents of the risk factors are genetically related other risk factors are head trauma depression. Diagnosis requires the use of brain tissue tests and Brain power and physical exercise and reduces the risk of disease.

Curable condition of dementia

Dementia Disease Occur in many Peoples is just like Alzheimer disease.
 Dementia research in Pakistan which research and collect the data of 100 people that have dementia disease 15 people of the elderly with dementia symptoms can be cured another 40 people are vascular dementia caused by stroke Intellectual disorder and remaining about 45 people of Alzheimer's disease will continue to deteriorate.

Four (4) levels of treatment

Etiological treatment:
The dementia Disease have many types according to symptomatically and Treatment of Dementia varies according to the disease. First of all you will find the type of disease symptomatically which that can cause dementia and then start treatment. If dementia disorder is treatable and then starts Symptomatic treatment has a chance of being cured.
Treatment of cognitive function and behavior abnormalities:
 There are many drugs that can significantly improve cognitive function and improve treatment of patients and saves life. The patients of dementia will have mental and behavioral symptoms such as
·        Anxiety
·        Depression
·        Delusions
·        Fantasies  
Drugs use for behavior abnormalities of dementia.
Supportive treatment
 General supportive care to Reduces sudden accident cases such as fractures caused pneumonia.
 Treatment of Alzheimer disease
Alzheimer disease Symptomatic treatment of the condition such as
 Violent behavior and other mental symptoms
 Vitamin E anti inflammatory agents and mono amine inhibitors hormones use as female hormone to treat patient .These drugs are mainly useful and help to retard the disease symptoms. Other drugs have also used that inhibit the production of Amyloid hormone to prevent brain cell death.

Treatment of vascular dementia
The vascular dementia caused by stroke which is not only curable.
During the treatment the risk factors of stroke are
Tobacco addiction
Many drugs used in patients for vascular dementia disease which can improve their intelligence.
Dementia in the elderly can be treated with improve your health and intake vitamin and good health food and drugs which prevent the dementia disorder.

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