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health tips fit

in which blog i am understanding you about disease and protection from genatically and physically harm this blog i am sharing about information finess ,healthy diet and food make beauty with the help of tips

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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Beauty tips -- Health tips fits

Beauty tips.

 Most of the people have Do not enough time to continue her treatment for long time that why people wants quickly response treatment to solve her beauty problem. The beauty of modern people is efficiency.
Frizzy hair treatment
After wake up from sleeping you can see that the hair knots is damaged and look like frizzy hair. For prevent from frizzy hair you can use that satin fabrics on bed.
Reduce wrinkles
First of all you wash your hand and face and other part of body that have wrinkles then apply the mask on that area of body where you wash .mask task apply on daily bases on night and remove mask before sleeping. After few days you see you reduce your wrinkles.
Smooth legs
Apply organic liquid on your feet and wearing socks before going to bed. Body absorbed organic liquid thus softening is the most effective treatments.

Lips Moisturize
 You can apply almond oil before sleeping for soft and smooth lips and then you will see that better and good result in morning.
Bright skin
Olive oil and vitamin E is a good source for glowing skin. Olive oil Apply on skin at night after wake up you can see glowing Skin.
Castor oil is a good source for eyelashes apply on eye before sleeping and see amazing result in next morning.

Moisturizing hands
Olive oil, Vitamin E, oil and brown sugar mixing together and make Scrub. This Mixture is Apply on your hands and doing massage for 10 minutes and then wearing gloves before sleeping. You can see good result in next morning.
Beauty tips
·       Skin care
·       Beauty skin
·       Fight skin senility
·       Fight skin aging
Neck lines increase after increases the age .The neck lines makes embarrassment for women.
Wrinkle removal
Vitamin E oil is very helpful to reduce the Wrinkles on skin. Vitamin E oil Apply on face before sleeping and then next morning you can see good and amazing results.

Skin care
One tips for skin care. Skin tissues and cells have 80 percents of water. Approximately you can drink 7 to 8 litter of water. If you drink low amount of water and then body faces dehydration problem .if you drink high amount of water the body should feel more relax and comfortable and then do not create the dehydration problem in body and the skin is also glowing .

French food
French peoples are Loving and having good personality. They use drugs for skin treatment and female hormones, such as olive oil, Caster oil, vitamin E used as skin treatments.

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