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Saturday, 13 June 2020

Breast cancer in women - Treatment - Health tips fit

Breast cancer

Breast cancer Occur in epithelial tissues and Breast composed of skin fibrous tissue breast glands and fat.
Mainly breast cancer found in female .breast cancer is world issues found in every country of the world. Mainly thousand of peoples die annually due to breast cancer .approximately in male breast cancer ratio is 1 percent out of 100.
Female have high risk of breast cancer .ratio of cancer mainly in high age of women means that women Effected by cancer which have 50 plus age.
Signs of breast cancer
Breast mass
For treatment of breast cancer diagnose by the mass .piece of skin mass cut out from legs and hands then that piece of mass paste and diagnose on breast.
Nipple discharge
Nipple discharge in which milk come out from breast through nipple after feeding the baby and pregnant women this condition continue for time like 6 month to 1 year this condition leaking the milk from nipple called nipple discharge.
Cancer is Occur near the nipple and can cause the itching
·        Erosion
·        Ulceration
·        Crusting
Burning pain of the nipple causing the nipple to retract .
Mainly the breast cancer is painless and the patient can work easily .if the breast cancer is early Detect and diagnose then patient prevent from critical condition and live like healthy life.
First of all one issue raise by me the Female don't have knowledge about medical science they do not understand the issue of breast cancer due to lack of knowledge.
Continuous deep understanding of the biological behavior of breast cancer as well as the transformation and update of the treatment concept, the treatment of breast cancer has entered the era of comprehensive treatment, forming a treatment model that emphasizes both local treatment and systemic treatment of breast cancer. Doctors will use surgery radiotherapy
Chemotherapy endocrine therapy bio-targeted therapy and Surgery plays an important role in the diagnosis treatment of breast cancer. Radiotherapy is the use of radiation to retard and stop the growth and reproduction of cancer cell. Surgery and radiotherapy are used for treatments .Chemotherapy in which that Uses chemical to inhibit the division of cancer cells and destroy Cancer cells.
Live a good and healthy life.
Reduce the mental stress and walk on Daily bases in early Morning.
Not use drink in excessively amount for long time its injurious for breast cancer patient.
We need to understand and give awareness to female about breast Disease.

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