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Friday, 12 June 2020

Bug Bites and Stings - Health tips fit

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Bug bite
The symptoms of most mosquito bites can cause redness pain itching. Tick ​​bites that carry Lyme disease cause a rash. The Prevent from insect bites is to stay away from insects wearing protective clothe and use insect repellent lotions.
The certain bites can transmit disease like mosquitoes can transmit malaria and ticks can transmit Lyme disease.
 Mosquito bites
Mosquito bite an itchy round red on the skin. Mosquito bites are not harmful but sometime Causes serious disease like transmit of malaria.
Malaria is a serious disease, but it can be prevented from better treatment.
Mite bites
Mite bite is usually does not harmful and cause pain and red dots occur on skin. Some people have allergic reactions within one to three days after the mite bite.
 Spider bite
Most of spiders are not harmful. Spider bite only Cause mild symptoms such as redness, swelling, and pain. Because spider bites often transmit tetanus, vaccine of tetanus given to the patient .

A bite from a poisonous spider like the Black Widow and the Brown Hermit often causes serious reactions and is very dangerous. After being bitten by a black widow spider two holes will be left on the skin, and there will be no pain in the short time after being bitten. After 30 to 40 minutes, there may be pain and swelling in the bite area. Within 8 hours, you may experience muscle pain, stiffness, abdominal and back pain, nausea and vomiting, and difficulty breathing.

 Tick Bites
Black tick, is also known as deer tick, can infect Lyme disease.
Muscle and joint pain
Flea bites
Symptoms of flea bites may appear within a few hours after bitten, and there are often multiple sets of rashes three or Four red dots in one group at the bite. In addition, you may feel
  Small red rashes
 Red bumps around the bite wound which may or may not bleed.
Bee sting
Bee stings can cause severe pain within minutes after which the pain subsides and becomes a constant dull pain. After a few days, touching the bite area will still cause pain, and the skin of the bite area will appear red lumps, and the surrounding skin becomes white, itchy, and Feel hot when touched.

Lice bites
Lice bites often leave small red spots on the shoulders, neck and top of the head. Lice are often parasitic on clothes or beds. The bites of lice are usually very small, there will be no pain, but it will cause itching. Some people experience a large, uncomfortable rash after the bite of the lice. Continuous scratching of itchy skin can cause skin infections, causing enlarged lymph nodes and redness and tenderness. Lice bites do not usually spread disease.

Ant bites
Ant bites often cause pain and cause red bumps. Some ants, such as fire ants, are poisonous and can cause severe allergic reactions when the fire ants bite. If fire ant bitten you after 1 to 2 days, you will see white, liquid filled pustules or blisters, which will last for 3-8 days and will eventually leave a scar. The skin lesions often feel itchy and red, and the surrounding skin will swell.

Ordinary ant bites can also cause pain. Ant injects the formic acid into the body through bite and causing a burning sensation.

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