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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

How to Get Rid of Blackheads-Health tips fit

Get rid of blackhead

Get rid of the new trend of blackhead acne and wash your face! Super-selling "Japan Enzyme Cleansing Powder" 8 selection list released

Foam wash
The so-called enzyme facial cleansing refers to the way to wash away the dirt and sebum accumulated in the pores by using enzymes. The biggest feature is that most of the products are powdered, which is relatively rare for facial cleansing products. The method of use is very simple, take an appropriate amount of powder in the palm, then add a small amount of water to make it foam, and let the foam form a cream. This time I will introduce 8 kinds of enzyme cleansing powders that are very popular in Japan for your reference!

High-density cleansing powder to help maintain clean skin
Enzyme Cleansing Powder with Water" is an enzyme cleansing powder that keeps skin translucent, moist and smooth after cleansing. Removes blackheads, acne, and dead skin cells from pores to help maintain clean skin. The powdery texture makes the foamed foam highly adhesive, reduces the area of ​​contact with the air, and makes the skin feel strong and moisturized. In addition, the gaps between the powder particles can absorb water and help maintain the enzyme.

Remove excess old waste horny"
"Micon MINON Sensitive Moisturizing Enzyme Cleansing Powder" is an enzyme cleansing powder that can solve the problem of dry skin and pores one by one. Remove excess old and dead cuticles, help the skin to adjust the state, make cosmetics more suitable. Although this facial cleanser can be used daily, it is recommended to use it once or twice a week. Sensitive skin is also easy to use, directing skin to hydrated muscles with a smooth touch.

Use double enzymes and thick foam to clean pores and dirt "ORBIS Double Enzyme Cleansing Powder"
ORBIS Double Enzyme Cleansing Powder
"ORBIS Double Enzyme Cleansing Powder" is an enzyme cleansing powder that uses thick foam containing double enzymes to wash away and remove stubborn dirt on the skin. The proteolytic enzyme "protease" and the sebum-decomposing enzyme "lipase" act simultaneously to decompose stubborn dirt, and then use elastic foam to remove the dirt. Collagen, royal jelly essence, and hyaluronic acid are three advanced moisturizing ingredients that can keep the skin supple and not dry. According to the skin condition, it is recommended to use 2 to 4 times a week.

"ORBIS Double Enzyme Cleansing Powder" Duty Free
Extracted natural rice moisturizing ingredients to protect skin and moisturize "Muscle Extreme Hadakiwami Moisturizing Lotion"
"Hardakiwami Muscle Cleansing Flour" is an enzyme cleansing powder that prevents the skin from losing its moisture and elasticity by adding moisturizing ingredients and amino acid cleansing ingredients extracted from natural rice. Take away old keratin and dirt, so that the cleansed skin retains moisture and vitality. Wash out stubborn dirt, blackheads, and old dead skin that accumulate in the pores. Since ancient times, rice bran oil used to clean the face and rice germ oil with excellent moisturizing effect have been used. With the effect of these two natural rice extracts, moisturizing ingredients help the skin to protect the hard-to-get moisturizing feeling. No pigment, with citrus green floral fragrance.

Papaya enzyme gently cleans the dirt "Detclear Bright & Peel Fruit Enzyme Cleansing Powder"
"Detclear Bright & Peel Fruit Enzyme Cleansing Powder" is a refreshing enzyme cleansing powder added with papain enzymes, which can gently remove the old dead skin cells and blackheads on the skin, help adjust the skin texture, and create a transparent and moisturized skin. The fine foam produced by the water and enzyme cleansing powder can wash the face gently without harming the skin. The effect of natural ingredients can also gently care for the stratum corneum of the skin.

"RMK enzyme cleansing powder" containing natural plant extract moisturizing ingredients
"RMK Enzyme Cleansing Powder" is added with moisturizing ingredients extracted from 4 kinds of natural plants. The delicate pink powder is changed into fluffy bubbles like Shu Fu Lei, which can be washed out without being dull and transparent. Skin. This product can protect and give the skin an important moisture and maintain a moisturizing feeling. Turn the container upside down, you can just pour out the usage once, it is recommended to use 2 to 3 times a week.

The black charcoal will wipe out all the dirt! "FANCL Black Charcoal Enzyme Deep Cleansing Powder"
Black Charcoal Enzyme
"FANCL Black Charcoal Enzyme Deep Cleansing Powder" is an enzyme cleansing powder rich in adsorbent mud, black carbon and amino acids. The compact foam without other additives will completely remove the pores and dirt. The surface is covered with many small holes of coniferous charcoal, which can quickly and effectively remove the keratin and pores on the skin surface. FANCL's unique amino acid cleansing ingredients can help maintain the original hydration of the skin, and at the same time clean the pores and dirt, forming a moisturized and beautiful skin.
"LACHESCA Enzyme Cleansing Powder" is an enzyme cleansing powder that can be easily and conveniently cleaned and skin-protected by adding water to foam. Fragrance-free, pigment-free, alcohol-free, and sensitive skin can be gently cared for. It can effectively improve the problems of dark pores, keratin, acne and make the skin more hydrated and smooth. It is highly recommended for special care other than general facial cleansing.

Wash your face
This time, we introduced Japan's very popular enzyme cleansing powder. Because the enzyme cleansing powder can surely wash away the stubborn dirt that ordinary facial cleansers cannot take away, it is highly recommended to use it regularly to help keep the skin in the best condition. Enzymatic facial cleansing can wash away the old waste keratin, acne and sebum that are not easy to clean, which is very popular with women who are troubled with skin care.

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