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Monday, 15 June 2020

Stages of Cancer | Health tips fit

Stages of cancer.
Cancer has many stages and diagnose by diferent method to improve patient health.
Firstly patient need test make sure pathological section that confirm cancer like x rays test blood test ultrasound or tomography etc..
Second stage of cancer in which identified stage of Cancer .We must understand the stage of cancer .Disease is usually divided into five stages.
·        Stage 0 and stage 1 cancers have the best treatment results, only surgery or radiation therapy is needed, and most are curable.
·        Stage 2 and stage 3 cancers usually require chemotherapy and radiation therapy as post-operative adjuvant treatments. Ensure the efficacy of surgery.
·        The fourth stage of cancer has a wide range of effects on the body, so it is mainly based on systemic treatments such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy, supplemented by surgery and radiation therapy.
We must understand whether the cancer is curable or incurable. If it is a curable cancer, you must not go the wrong way. It is a pity that many patients give up orthodox medical treatment after the diagnosis of cancer.

To understand your body has other chronic diseases that may affect the treatment, is it necessary to adjust the dosage of the drug Or is there a potential disease that may occur during treatment.
 If necessary, to collect pathology reports and disease staging information, please it is mainly the hospital with experience in treating this type of cancer and the hospital near your home. Once the treatment is started, I trust my doctor. If you have any questions, please clarify at any time, not yourself.
What are the side effects and is there any way to reduce the side effects of treatment And How does the treatment?
 It is not easy to take alternative medicine. If you must accept alternative medicine, you must have scientific data to prove that this alternative medicine is effective.
 When the disease reaches the final stage .The best way to treat cancer is to plan well and treat it systematically. Don’t get treatment in a hurry and become an ignorant fighter. You should not give up because of fear of side effects or misunderstanding of cancer treatment. If you can communicate well with oncologists, I believe that cancer patients will be able to go to the treatment after diagnosis.


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