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Thursday, 18 June 2020

Ultraviolet radiation and sunglasses: How to protect your eyes?--Health tips fit

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Prevention from sunlight

Eyes should also be sunscreen Before you buy sunglasses, listen to what an ophthalmologist says

Ophthalmologists remind that the ultraviolet rays (UV) of sunlight can damage the eyes. If you do not do "eye protection", that is, wear appropriate sunglasses to fight against ultraviolet rays, excessive exposure may increase the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

In summer, not only the summer heat is unbearable, but the hot sun can also sting the eyes. The ophthalmologist reminds that the ultraviolet ray (UV) of sunlight is invisible light with a wavelength of less than 400 nanometers, which can damage the eyes and the damage will continue to accumulate. If you do not do "eye protection", that is, wear appropriate sunglasses to fight against Ultraviolet rays and excessive exposure may increase the risk of cataracts and retinal maculopathy.

How to choose the right sunglasses?
the attending physician of the Department of Ophthalmology of the Revitalization Hospital, pointed out that good sunglasses must be 100% UV resistant, but many cheap sunglasses on the market do not have this function, and there are products that wear the lens due to the inappropriate brightness of the lens. Unclear, eyestrain easily tired.

According to the Taiwan Inspection Bureau standard, the filter classification of sunglasses can be divided into five categories of 0 to 4, and according to the filter classification, the light penetration green and the ultraviolet shielding rate are also different.

For example: the filter of category 0 has the highest light penetration rate (80%-100%), but the lowest ultraviolet shielding rate (0%-20%); the filter of category 4 has the lowest light penetration rate (3%-8%) , But the highest UV shielding rate (92%-97%).

 reminded that it is enough to choose lenses with an ultraviolet shielding rate of more than 75% for outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing or snow, and full-cover sunglasses is recommended for mountain climbing. Sunglasses of filter category 4 block the most ultraviolet rays, but due to poor light transmittance, attention should be paid to personal use when purchasing, such as avoiding road driving.

"But the above values ​​only indicate the ability of the lens, not the quality of the sunglasses."  gave an example, some people will buy sunglasses with a larger lens area to block a wider range of ultraviolet radiation, but in fact wear comfortably Degree and beauty, "You will always want to wear it to achieve the effect of protecting the eyes."

However, there are hundreds of colors of sunglasses.

 suggested that gray and black are the best, followed by brown and amber, and yellow is also available.

explained that gray-black lenses allow light of various colors to pass through equally, and the light passing through the lenses is the most natural. Brown and amber lenses will absorb blue light scattered by the moisture or dust in the air, which can enhance the contrast and see the subtleties clearly.

The yellow lens is suitable for driving indoors or at night, it can block dazzling light and less likely to cause driving accidents.  emphasized that no matter what color it is, it is most important that sunglasses can resist UV.

As for blue, red and rose lenses, they are not recommended.  pointed out that blue lenses will attract harmful blue light through the eyes, which may increase the risk of macular degeneration. Red and rose are popular decorations and cannot protect your eyes.

  you can take the lens and move it gently towards the fluorescent lamp to see if the image reflected on the lens is deformed.

If the eyelashes will touch the lens after putting on the glasses, it means that the lens distance is too short and the nose bridge is not high enough, which is also inappropriate.  wearing inappropriate glasses for a long time may force the muscles around the orbit to exert force for a long time, which may cause orbit fatigue.

Sunglasses are similar to normal glasses in maintenance. They must be stored in glasses cases to avoid squeezing and deformation. To wipe the lens, you need to use professional audition cloth, don't wipe it with toilet paper or rough cloth to avoid scratches. If it gets oily, it can be washed with neutral detergent and water.

 reminded that sunglasses should never be placed in a high-temperature space for a long time, which may cause deformation of the frame and desquamation, and the coating filter function of the lens may also reduce the efficiency and lose the protective effect on the eyes.

4 steps to buy sunglasses
1. First confirm whether the lens has the effect of blocking ultraviolet rays.

2. Check if the lens has polarized light and prevent reflection.

3. Color is not the main selection condition. It is based on everyone's preference, but blue lenses should be avoided.

4. Comfort is also important. Wear to see if the frame is firm and comfortable to wear.

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