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Friday, 3 July 2020

Calcium Deficiency--Health tips fit

Deficiency of calcium

Calcium is the main source of body .calcium give strengthen and make strong bones and muscles .deficiency of calcium due to any issues that may cause serious disease in human body .like weakness of bones ,arthritis , retard growth ,muscles disease etc.
  Mainly calcium in the human body exists in bones and teeth .use calcium medicine for prevent from deficiency of calcium in body. Calcium helps to make teeth strong and gums and prevent from tooth weak and loss. Calcium play important role in human body for production of amino acid and synthesis of protein.
Food source
Milk is the main source of calcium. Milk has high level of calcium milk help in making strong muscles and Strengthen of bones.
 Ninety nine percents of the calcium in the human body is present in bones and teeth.


·        Calcium absorption is the best method to improve the calcium level in human body when the lacks calcium in the diet then this process is best Such as.
·         Growing infants and children
·        Pregnant women for calcium Absorption will actually increase.
·        Stomach acid HCL and secretion of juice will increase calcium absorption.
Intake variety of foods which have sufficient calcium and vitamin D is the key points of weight loss.
Controlling calories and exercising more is also closely related to weight loss.
Calcium intake will stimulate the secretion of parathyroid hormone in the body and affect the metabolism of fat.
Vitamin D intake is not very good which will affect the calcium and retard the parathyroid hormone in the body and obesity.
Most of the people also use exercise to help metabolize calories.
Intake enough calcium can help exercise Performance or Prevent from cramps and also help strong bone. For prevention fro disease used calcium supplementation.

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