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in which blog i am understanding you about disease and protection from genatically and physically harm this blog i am sharing about information finess ,healthy diet and food make beauty with the help of tips

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beauty tips

Beauty tips.

The beauty of modern people emphasizes "efficiency", that is, the more appetite you have, the more you want products and methods that have immediate effects! Because of the busy life and work now, "convenience" has also become an important factor. Through this article, I will teach you if you do not have enough time to maintain during the day, first aid your body maintenance at night! Use these beauty tips and secrets to repair the cells and wake up the next day to become a princess.

1. Avoid frizzy hair

When you turn and scratch your head while sleeping, your hair will be damaged to some extent. In this way, it is very likely to get frizzy and knotted early in the morning. Here we recommend that you use satin pillowcases instead of cotton. Satin is smoother than cotton and prevents knots.

 2. Reduce wrinkles! Reduce your age!

A mask before sleep is one of the most important tasks in a night! First moisturize the skin, then apply the mask. The mask should be selected with hyaluronic acid and elasticity to build cranberry extract ingredients, which will restore moisture to your skin.

3. Smoother beautiful legs

To soften dry and cracked skin on the heel, apply some petrolatum on your feet, put on socks before going to bed, petrolatum will absorb the skin at night, thus softening and moisturizing the skin, is one of the most effective beauty treatments.

4. Moisturize your delicious lips

Peeling or extremely dry lips are very deductible points. For effective soft and smooth lips, you can use almond oil before going to bed. The next morning will have amazing result.

5. The beauty of fingertips should not be missed

Coconut oil is a good moisturizer and can also strengthen your nails. Apply this oil to the stratum corneum before bed to soften the stratum corneum.
6. Bright skin

Vitamin E is very important for healthy and beautiful skin. Before going to bed, apply vitamin E oil to your face and you will be awakened by your glowing skin! Olive oil is also excellent, it is recommended to repeat every night before going to bed.

7. Grow beautiful eyelashes

Commercially available eyelash growth liquids are usually full of high prices, and sometimes may not have good results, and castor oil can provide excellent results within 8 weeks! Just rub it on your top lashes before going to bed for two months to see the results.

 8. Moisturizing white tender hands

Make your own exfoliating scrub by mixing brown sugar, olive oil and vitamin E oil, apply the mixture to your hands and massage, and then put on your gloves before bed, your hands will look younger in the morning!
With the increasing popularity of beauty treatments, thousands of women are turning to natural homemade masks, shampoos, creams and oily skin care products. In fact, what we are doing now is what millions of women in ancient Greece, Africa, China, Rome, India, and the Middle East have done in ancient times. Of course, the tendency of ancient women in beauty is a little too radical, because they lack the understanding of the hazards of certain ingredients, but most of the time they use 100% natural and environmentally friendly therapies. Here are the 10 oldest beauty tips in the world.

Take a shower like Queen Cleopatra of Egypt

Cleopatra is one of the most beautiful women in the world, so she also likes to spoil herself, which is not strange. Historians praised her for her perfect silky skin, and for a super smooth effect, she used a simple formula to bathe regularly: olive oil, milk and honey. Now all these things may be in your kitchen!

Roses from Babylon

The royal family of Babylon knew all about health and beauty. This is why they use rose petals and rose oil everywhere. Bathe with rose petals to rejuvenate your skin, use rose water and rose essential oil to keep your face clean. It also smells amazing and helps relieve depression

Beauty tips

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 The most fearful thing for women who love beauty is that they look older, because of various reasons to accelerate the aging of your skin. When the first aging occurs, the pores will become thicker and more obvious, and the facial contours will be slightly loose. It's not too late. If you want to stay young forever.
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The presence of neck lines makes women both embarrassed and troubled. It is very common to imagine neck lines appearing with age.
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The secret of women's beauty is to nourish blood . Many women's blood disorders lead to dark yellow skin on the face, and it is also easy to accelerate aging.
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there are no ugly women, only lazy women, and beauty has a secret. Beauty and health: maintenance tips are balanced in nutrition
The water content of human tissue fluid reaches 72%. When the water in the body decreases, it will make the skin dry, lose elasticity, and appear wrinkles. Therefore, women should eat more vegetables, fruits and other foods to keep the body hydrated.
Maintenance Beauty Star Skin Care

Star endorsement Reveal the secret of lazy beauty!
there are naturally "lazy" skin care solutions that save you time.
 Don't worry about the lack of skin care effects.
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Many people know that people who exercise regularly, even if they are over 60 years old, their skin will be more tight, not too loose, and their muscles will be very tempting. Beauty Skin Care Beauty Maintenance Sports
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The French are known for their romantic and straightforward personality. They also eat and drink casually in their diet, but the national life span is less than one year compared to Japan, the world’s longest-lived country.
What is the reason for their longevity?
 I think it might be-duck oil, olive oil (the source of female hormones) and (a magic weapon for antioxidants), and a life without stress.

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