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in which blog i am understanding you about disease and protection from genatically and physically harm this blog i am sharing about information finess ,healthy diet and food make beauty with the help of tips

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Heath tips fit.
·    Food.
·    Beauty tips.
·    Fitness tips.

Practical for healthy life
The history of this sub-family becomes the best weapon for you and your doctor to help you maintain health. This is why, compared to the few questions asked on the hospital form, your family health history is a magic weapon that you can never ignore.
Therefore, don't wait until your next routine examination to start understanding your family health history. The guidelines listed below will help you start collecting important health-related information.
That's right, this part does take time. Moreover, depending on how you communicate with your family, collecting family health history may also be very traumatizing. However, don't worry! By following these steps, you will also have the opportunity to easily obtain the information you need without pain or itching.
Decide who you should ask for information: Basically, family health history is composed of three generations of direct blood relatives, and includes both parents. This includes:
·        grandparents
·        parents
·        Aunt/Aunt and Uncle/Uncle/Uncle
·        Brothers and sisters
·        Your child

At first glance, you seem to need to ask many people about their medical history. However, please remember that you only need to know the medical history of your immediate blood relatives, you do not need to collect information about stepfathers, stepmothers, stepbrothers and sisters, nor do you need to ask about family members who only have in-law relationships. I hope this will help you streamline this process and reduce the number of people you need to ask for information.

Focus on the information you need most: you don’t need to ask your grandmother how much she weighed when she was twenty-five; also, put away the tape measure because you don’t need to know how tall your sister is now.
In theory, the more information you know, the better. However, you don't need to arbitrarily collect data that can't fit several reports. You don’t need to know the height, weight, and speed of family members in the same way as sports teams screen players. You only need to focus on the issues that can help you gather the most important information:

What major health problems have they experienced?
 (This includes major illnesses and major physical injuries)
At what age did those problems begin to show signs?
(Understanding when they know the diagnosed cause of the problem can help you understand what you can pay attention to and find out if it is a genetic disease/injury)
Find out the cause of death of relatives who have passed away.
What is the ethnic background in your family?
 (Some health problems are induced and the original risk is related to specific races)
How does the environment in which they live affect their health?
What mental health problems have they experienced?
(The range of mental health problems includes addiction to anything, anxiety and depression)
Have they experienced any problems related to pregnancy?
 If so, ask them to explain the problem during pregnancy.
What are their lifestyle habits?
(Understanding whether family members have the habit of drinking, smoking, or taking drugs, or healthy lifestyle habits, such as running a marathon, etc., can help gather information.)
Find out the best way and place to communicate with your family: You can use the family's party time to talk to them about their medical history, or you can make an appointment with them to talk to them on the phone or email. Face-to-face conversation is the best way, but sometimes, through email, which is a less direct way of contact, you may be more likely to hear the truth.
In the communication process, clarify the reason for your collection of data: there are reasons for the existence of medical records privacy regulations. Discussing health issues with others is a very secret matter that must be handled with care. Not everyone wants others to know that they have experienced major health or psychological problems. Letting your family know that your extreme emphasis on family health history can help the conversation process.
If your family agrees, you can also share the information you have collected with them. In this way, you are not only building a family health history for yourself, you are also completing a part of the data collection for other family members. Remember, without the permission of your family, please do not easily share the family's medical history.
The healthy foods on the planet that most people can eat
There are extremely rich foods in this world, each of which has its own nutritional value, but there are some super foods, which contain extraordinarily rich nutrients and have incredible benefits for health and happiness.
The food you choose to eat now determines how you feel physically and mentally in the future. In short, nutritious food can maintain or improve our mental and physical conditions, so adding super foods to the diet is one of the best choices for a healthy life.
Beauty tips.
The beauty of modern people emphasizes "efficiency", that is, the more appetite you have, the more you want products and methods that have immediate effects! Because of the busy life and work now, "convenience" has also become an important factor. Through this article, I will teach you if you do not have enough time to maintain during the day, first aid your body maintenance at night! Use these beauty tips and secrets to repair the cells and wake up the next day to become a princess.

fitness tips.

This should be said to be the most basic one of the fitness tips. However, it has been observed that many fitness students ignore it. It is to wear appropriate clothes for practice. Only proper clothing can ensure that you can move freely in sports and not easily damaged
 Do not wear any bodybuilding sleeveless crew neck shirts, At a minimum, you should also wear a T-shirt.
This suggestion is not only applicable when you are in the gym. It is suitable for everyday use. Drinking water is a good habit.
Make sure you have the correct weightlifting skills. If you use the wrong skills or methods for training, you will not only get no improvement, but also tend to strain your muscles, destroy tendons and ligaments, and even cause fractures.

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