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in which blog i am understanding you about disease and protection from genatically and physically harm disease.in this blog i am sharing about information finess ,healthy diet and food make beauty with the help of tips

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Health protection.
Heath tips fit
·    Health
·    Food
·    Beauty tips
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Corona is a viru is in spherical shape.
Every body know about this virus.
Warning abou COVID19
This virus cause main damage in lungs create problem during breath
Thousands of death cause in whole world.
Millions of people hunting from COVID19.
No vaccine
No medicine
Only one solution maintaining social distance.
Wearing mask,

Wearing gloves
Change your clothe after coming from outside,
Hand wash ,
Use sanitizer
No shake hand
No.1 country there death rate is very high is USA
No2 country Brazil
No3 Russia

And many other countries,
So please stay home stay safe
Take care of you and your family health
This massage from HEALTHPROTECTION


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